Electronics Repair/ Refurbishment

Repairing existing inventory and refurbishing used or returned inventory adds value to your products. We can be your one solution from refurbishment to fulfillment.

Kitting &Packing

We offer bulk and indivisual kitting, packing & shipping solutions. Ask us how we can save you time and money.

Electronics Recycling

Repair Republic is committed to Reducing electronic waste & contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Logistics &Fulfillment

We can take the refurbishment process off your plate so that you can focus on growing your company without worrying about what to do with all the damaged products clogging up your warehouse. We streamline your process and seamlessly integrate it into our assembly and logistics system.


Data loss could happens to any drive, from USB drives to SATA drives or a RAID drive. Here at Repair Republic, whether it's a logical or mechanical issue, we can help recover your data.

Tech Refurbishment for theIncarcerated

We specialize in processing and refurbishing tech for the incarcerated. From software to hardware and anything in between.